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The College of Science was established with the founding of Al-Nahrain University in 1988 because of the need to set up an academic institution sponsoring outstanding students through excellent programs in education, research and training to make qualified cadres to contribute to help society development. The College then included only three departments' which where Chemistry, Physics, and Computer departments, the Mathematics and computer application department was then developed which was in year 1990, and in 1994 the Bio-Technique department was then developed, to become the College of Science, an academic component of five scientific departments seeking to make an outstanding base for basic Science, that includes planning and distinct study programs to satisfy the requirements of the world academic standards to be prepared for granting the B.Sc., M.Sc., and the Ph.D. certificate in pure and applicant science specialization..

Forum Participation

You may submit your paper by email to Sc.Conf@Sc.nahrainuniv.edu-iq
Note: You will receive a notification letter two weeks after the submission. If you don't receive the email, please contact us at: Sc.Conf@Sc.nahrainuniv.edu-iq.

Paper Publication:

Forum Proceedings shall be published online at the Global Conference Proceedings portal with a dedicated ISSN number.

Novmber 21-22





  • Dr. Hadi Mohammed Ali
  • Dr. Fadel Subhi Fadel
  • Dr. Wisam Kadhum Hummadi
  • Dr. Osama Hamid Mohammed
  • Dr. Nasreen Rahim Jabr
  • Dr. Mohammed Sahab Mahdi
  • Dr. Ahmed Abdulrahman Al-tabakh
  • Mustafa Mohammed Rachid
  • Wurood Ahmed Khazaal

University & Industry Presenter Registration

Scientific Committees

  • Dr. Saad Naji Abboud
  • Dr. Kazem
  • Dr. Emad Khudair Abbas
  • Dr. Ban Nadeem Thanon
  • Dr. Mahdi Saleh Shahab
  • Dr. Mohammed Abdul-Zahra
  • Dr. Ahlam Jameel Khalil
  • Dr. Taghreed Ali Salman
  • Dr. Ahmed Ayoub Youssef
  • Noor Mohammed Hassan
  • Bahaa Abdallah Hamdan
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Forum Schedule

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03:00 pm

Lunch Break

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03:00 pm

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Non-Presenter (Listener) Registration

Important Dates

Registration Early Bird Deadline Jul 1, 2017
Abstracts & Proposals Submission Deadline semp 1, 2017
Full Paper / Presentation Submission Deadline oct 1, 2017

Conference Goals

  • Encourage the growth and advancement of scientific knowledge in the specialty that the conference covered.
  • Provide aforum for discussion of new ideas and research, development and application.
  • Access to high-quality research for publication.
  • Providing an atmosphere of familiarity among the many people who are interested in the subject areas.
  • provide an opportunity for young researchers to interview experts.
  • Provide the opportunity to meet other countries experts.
  • Earn connections and build networks with interested institutions to work together.
  • Recognize the history, culture and social life in the host country.
  • Gain new experiences in life and training in management skills and gain friendships.

Event FAQs

Participant (Listener)

$ 25,000 IQD

Post Search

$ 100,000 IQD

Just Publication

$ 150,000 IQD

Outside participants

$ 100 USD

Admittance to the Forum

Presentation Slot for Researchers & Academic Presenters

Article publication in Forum Proceedings

Coffee Breaks and Lunch during Forum

Proceedings on DVD or Flash Disk

Forum Bag and Supporting Material

Forum Group Photo Session

University Researchers and Faculty Members are invited to Submit their research work under one of the following (but not limited to) tracks:
  • Chemistry Science and Applications
  • Physics Science and Applications
  • Computer Science and Applications
  • Mathematics
  • Biotechnology
Academic & Industry Presenter: 30 minutes
We encourage submissions from industry experts under the following (but not limited to) tracks:

  • University Curriculum Development
  • Research Evaluation and Quality Assurance
  • International Accreditation
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Workforce Development & Employability
The abstract should not exceed 300 words.

Within two weeks from receiving your abstract we will let you know if your proposal is accepted. All accepted abstracts and papers are peer-reviewed and will be published in the Forumabstract eBook on our website.

Presentation: You will have up to 15 minutes time for your presentation. It is recommended to speak no longer than 10 minutes and let at least 5 minutes for discussion. Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive. Each presentation room will be equipped with a laptop and a screen for PowerPoint presentations.

The laptop will be set up for power-point presentations. Transparency projectors are not provided. Assume there may not be internet access.

Event Location

Al-Nahrain University
Address: Jadriyah, Baghdad Iraq
Phone: +964 7822233919

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